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* Personal:
  - android_hax
  - bggp3
  - bggp4

* Work:
  - GreyNoise: Emulating and Exploiting Oracle WebLogic Server for PCap Analysis (CVE-2023-21839)
  - GreyNoise: Don't Leave Me on Read: The Efficacy of Dynamic Honeypots for Novel Exploitation Discovery
  - GreyNoise: Hunting for Fortinet CVE-2024-21762: Vulnerability Research for Detection Engineering

* notes: I've accumulated so many notes, whether it be on TCP/IP, UDP, Rust, gdb+gef, ghidra, r2, writing x86_64 shellcode with the nasm compiler, etc. I'm hoping to compile all my notes into a notes page that will be added to this site as well.

* you can also probably infer from my notes what my interests are. I'll talk more about them in depth as projects actually come to fruition. A couple that I'm really looking forward to is writing a cli tool for a rust web crawler, as well as a web packet parser written in rust. I also have a smart tv that i've been meaning to tinker with, and i've been wanting to write something in lua for wireshark to parse the packet that it sends as well?... Idk! always learning and never afraid to fail! :]

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